About Us

We’re a team of highly experienced developers who are very skilled at successfully refactoring codebases and cleaning them from the accumulated technical debt.

Creating a product is hard. There are clients to persuade, features to release, bugs to fix and shareholders to convince. You might not think about the codebase’s health for a while, but when development slows down, you’re being haunted by unpaid interest on your tech debt.

We can help you pay up this debt and get your development up to speed again, with fast release cycles and no bugs caused by duplicated code. We’re a team of skilled developers who have experience with hundreds of projects that started beautifully, with architecture and design-patterns, only to plunge into the darkness of on-spot, duplicated code, caused by looming deadlines and business needs.

We know what causes technical debt, we know that it’s nobody’s fault - rather a natural consequence of a growing product, and we know how to fix it: we’ve done it a lot of times.Let your team focus on new features and core functionalities and have our specialists do the dirty work of cleaning your code base.